Infrastructure as Service (IaaS)

Infrastructure as service can make the difference so your company can face competition more innovatively. mynetworks offers IaaS solutions (Infrastructure as Service) dependable, flexible, and guaranteeing a secure IT environment, with high availability and expansion capacity adapted to the business needs of your company.

But, what is Infrastructure as Service?

The definition is very simple: generally speaking, you rent the metered IT infrastructure and managed services – servers, storage, network, software, services, etc., based on the “pay-per-use” model.


  • Low initial investment – As you do not need to invest in your own hardware, the IaaS model is perfect for new businesses and startups. This results in substantial savings
  • Pay-per-use – the service is metered so you pay only when it is used
  • Scalability – enables your company to adjust the infrastructure size (scale up / down) based on demands, easily and quickly, which is optimum for expanding companies
  • Costs on IT personnel are greatly reduced, since the diverse support services and infrastructure maintenance are aggregated, as this is a guaranteed model and it is based on service level agreement (SLA)


It much more than just simply IT equipment rental, mynetworks delivers infrastructure services in a complete and managed environment based on four levels, which, when jointly implemented, guarantee technological evolution, performance, security, continuity, and management of the entire environment.


The infrastructure services (IaaS) at mynetworks are summarized as follows: