Highly Available Infrastructure


The dynamics of the corporate world demands constant technological innovations providing compatibility and making business feasible. In order to respond quickly to changes and harness new opportunities, it is necessary to utilize a flexible and responsive IT infrastructure, with high performance and efficiency, enabling the allocation of the most effective resources and enhanced cost control.

In this context, counting on a highly specialized partner, who offers a broad portfolio of value added solutions, can be the solution for facing the challenges of your company. The high performance infrastructure services of mynetworks can help to accelerate the implementation and time for returns on investment with reduced risks, helping to build an infrastructure designed for:

  • Support for business flexibility
  • Improve resource utilization
  • Flexibilize, standardize, and facilitate management
  • Consolidate to help cut global IT costs and decrease complexity
  • Reduce the risk of introducing new technologies in a production environment

At mynetworks, we are prepared to offer differentiated high performance infrastructure services, such as:

  • Network projects and architecture – configuration, installation, migration, consolidation, and virtualization of servers
  • Infrastructure support – partnership with datacenters for hosting infrastructure servers and infrastructure, cloudcomputing, IaaS, and requests for storage
  • Evaluation services – consultative diagnostics and analysis of an IT environment, stress and performance tests of applications
  • Database – project, installation, configuration, maintenance, support, and system administration